Leaving My Kids for the Very First Time!

Since my kids were born, I've never spent a day without them.  A few hours, at most, but never a night nor a day without my little ones.  For all of Z's seven and a half of years of life and Moulay's three, we've been together--living, traveling, unschooling, playing. You get the picture. But next week for... Continue Reading →


RAWmadan in Review

Belated Blessed Eid, dear friends!  The month of fasting has passed, along with the subsequent celebration of breaking the fast.  We scooted up to Abu Dhabi for our five-day weekend and delightfully ended our last day of Ramadan with very dear friends we know from the U.S. but didn’t fully bond with until sharing the... Continue Reading →

Raw Suhoor (Pre-Fasting) Meals

Back when we lived in Turkey, I had a writing assignment at The LifeCo Antalya-- an amazing detox retreat center on the southern coast.  After three days of my own cleansing, one of the workers bade me farewell and said to me, "Ramadan is our detox, isn't it?  Fasting cleanses our bodies and the daily... Continue Reading →

Can a Zero Waste Life Work in Oman?

Bea Johnson, author of Zero Waste Home, is on a 16-city tour that started in Dubai and ends in Nancy. Can you believe that one of those 16 stops was Muscat?!? Hosted by ub-cool, a locally-based adventure and tour group, we met last week at UFC Gym in Seeb for an hour-long lecture by Ms.... Continue Reading →

Low-Impact Living in Muscat

Life in the desert gets hot—really hot. We’ve had this conversation before but after welcoming my mom for her recent visit to Muscat, Urbndervish and I reflected on how in spite of the intense heat, life in Oman has helped actualize many goals and ideals that we could only talk about while living in the United States.... Continue Reading →

Raggamuslims’ Recap of 2017

Is it too late for a year retrospective?  Unlike the calendar of Pope Gregory XIII, our year never seems to start on January 1st.  Somehow, we just feel our way through the seasons.  But generally speaking, the past year--give or take a few months--has been new territory for all of us on all fronts. As parents,... Continue Reading →

Learn Arabic over Skype with NaTakallam

After a National Holiday and Winter Holiday lull, the Homeschoolers in Muscat are up and at it again.  For our first activity of the year, we met for a free Arabic lesson with NaTakallam, an amazing organization that pairs primarily Syrian refugees with keen Arabic students from around the world for online language lessons.  Our... Continue Reading →

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