My Five Favorite Services in Muscat

More than a month ago, I was contacted to freelance as a researcher for a sustainable tourism project.  I have since completed the project and in doing so had a chance to really reflect on Oman’s continual growth and evolution and fall in love with her all over again.  I’ve been enchanted by Oman for … Continue reading My Five Favorite Services in Muscat

What Happened When I Quit Soy

Soy is everywhere.  In our burgers and bread, mayonnaise and macaroni; it’s hard to escape.  For years, we ate soy religiously and cried blasphemy when critics said it would mess up our hormones because we didn’t see any untoward effect.  We loved the taste and found it to be a convenient and delicious alternative to … Continue reading What Happened When I Quit Soy

Reflecting on The Big Reconnect Sleepover

Since returning home to Oman from summer break, everyone has been asking “How was London?”  Though I technically was in London for an entire week, most of my time was spent at The Big Reconnect Sleepover (TBRS) in the countryside.  We were geographically in London but spiritually elsewhere.  The sisterhood we developed in less than five … Continue reading Reflecting on The Big Reconnect Sleepover

Why Every Mom Needs a “Tully”

On long-haul flights I catch up on a year’s worth of cinema.  When Z was little, we packed an arsenal of activities and books to avoid screen time, but now we just succumb.  For a household that doesn’t own a television, we’re resigned to the fact that a few hours of non-stop, in-flight entertainment won’t … Continue reading Why Every Mom Needs a “Tully”

Leaving My Kids for the Very First Time!

Since my kids were born, I've never spent a day without them.  A few hours, at most, but never a night nor a day without my little ones.  For all of Z's seven and a half of years of life and Moulay's three, we've been together--living, traveling, unschooling, playing. You get the picture. But next week for … Continue reading Leaving My Kids for the Very First Time!

Muscat’s First Vegan Iftar (Fast-Breaking Meal)

I might be going on a limb saying this, but I’m pretty sure we just made history.  On Thursday evening at Lokanta Restaurant, a table of 17 (including Z and Moulay) sat for an entirely vegan iftar meal.  Omani and expat, female and male, young and not-so-young had a totally plant-based, four-course, Turkish dinner.  Our … Continue reading Muscat’s First Vegan Iftar (Fast-Breaking Meal)

Low-Impact Living in Muscat

Life in the desert gets hot—really hot. We’ve had this conversation before but after welcoming my mom for her recent visit to Muscat, Urbndervish and I reflected on how in spite of the intense heat, life in Oman has helped actualize many goals and ideals that we could only talk about while living in the United States. … Continue reading Low-Impact Living in Muscat