What to Do When Your Best Friend Visits Oman

Raggamuslims in Oman

I retired the term “best friend” many years ago.  It seemed like after a certain age, the people I gave the title to couldn’t handle it with care.  My elementary school best friend was great; but thereafter, the best friends I chose didn’t treat me so well.  And the fact that my expectations were so high, my disappointment when they hurt me was that much greater.  So, I abandoned the idea and finally found a best friend again in my husband.  I am more than content with my dear friends and sister friends; but two years ago, I reinstated the use of “best friend” and I’ll tell you why.

Al Hamra, Nizwa, Oman

In my third year of college, a significant shift took place and I really needed someone who could not just understand me, but ‘overstand’ me.  I was a new Muslim, adjusting to a new lifestyle, a new wardrobe, and a new way of seeing the world.  I met many kind and loving people of different ages and cultures, but I needed more than a sister–I needed a sistah sister.  One day at a Friday prayer service, I met her.  She’s from Brooklyn, I’m from Queens.  We both have Caribbean heritage and had accepted Islam at around the same time.  We went for lunch together one day after Friday prayers and soon became fused.  We shared our stories, our challenges, and our dreams over curried chickpeas, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and glasses of soy milk.  We rode through many storms and celebrated many joys and when I realized how intensely we prayed for each other and wanted good for each other, I knew that the title best friend fit her more than well.

Al Hamra, Nizwa, Oman

Last month, my best friend made her maiden voyage to the land I love and have the privilege of living in.  We had the good company of both her and her husband for about two weeks and we did as much as we could while letting them rest and relax as well.

Raggamuslims in Oman

Figuring out what to see and where to go was a challenge because we were spoiled for choices yet pressed on time, so I’ll highlight the favorites.

Al Riyam Park

Raggamuslims in Oman

Fort near Al Riyam Park

Black Family in Oman

Misfat al Abriyeen

Black Family in Oman

Bait al Safah

Black Family in Oman

We also visited the Mohammed al Ameen Mosque and Mutrah Souq in Muscat and Al Hoota Cave in Al Hamra, Nizwa.

One thing my best friend mentioned was how comfortable she felt here in Oman.  I was able to point out where I first lived in Nizwa, the hospital where I gave birth, and share the sights and sounds that have been my home for more than six years.  Needless to say, we had an amazing time.  What I really loved about my best friend’s visit was seeing how much my children love her as their aunt, how fond our husbands are of each other, and how much our friendship has nourished both our faith and sisterhood over the last 15 years.  We are still so full from their visit and pray that her and her family are forever blessed in this life and the next!  Ameen!


One thought on “What to Do When Your Best Friend Visits Oman

  1. I had to blink and tissue blot a few times to get through it. This was so touching and churned my thoughts of my recently-transitioned sistah-sister. YOU are a precious treasure and I’m sure your sistah-sister will give a passionate review of her time with you. Thank you for giving luster to loving sisterhood!!

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