EcoEgg Review: An Alternative to Laundry Detergent

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EcoEgg Laundry Egg

Since meeting Bea Johnson last year, our family has revisited many of our lifestyle choices to reduce our plastic waste.  One of the many changes has been to stop buying liquid detergent and opt for powdered detergent in a cardboard box.  The box packaging was great, but the powdered detergent wasn’t dissolving well in our particular washing machine.  I thought of trying soap nuts/berries, but then I was enticed by EcoEgg, an eco-friendly product that had a guarantee and guidance on proper use.

I found EcoEgg on Instagram.  It is widely praised as an allergen-free, environmentally-friendly laundry solution because it effectively washes clothing without harsh chemicals and lasts an incredibly long time.  Additionally, it is extremely cost effective– I just paid $35 for my next 720 washes which should last me about three years!

How does it work?

The EcoEgg contains ceramic and mineral pellets.  The ceramic ones weaken the bonds between fabric and dirt and the mineral ones ionize the oxygen in the water to remove dirt without damaging the fabric.  So, basically, it separates the dirt from your clothing without adding soap.

When to add the EcoEgg to your washing machine?

The EcoEgg is added after you’ve loaded your washing machine with laundry.  The washing machine should have sufficient water for the EcoEgg to swish and sud, but it won’t foam and bubble like commercial cleaners.

When to remove the EcoEgg from your washing machine?

At the end of your laundry cycle, you remove the EcoEgg along with your laundry.  Allow it to dry between use.  It’s technically not adding soap to your laundry, so there is nothing to rinse out.  That means that you don’t need a rinse cycle.

Does it really work?

My clothes are clean.  As the weather warms up, I will be diligent about not filling the laundry machine too much and making sure there is adequate water.  I generally don’t like to have too much more water than laundry in the load but friction is critical for the EcoEgg to do its job.  The good news is that a rinse cycle becomes obsolete with the EcoEgg.  There is a minimally detected mineral residue in the laundry, so there is actually nothing to rinse out.  Plus, the mineral pellets adjust the pH of the water which softens the laundry, making a fabric softener also unnecessary.

Can the EcoEgg be used with all water settings?

Yes, the EcoEgg can be used for cold, warm and hot water cycles.  You can even handwash your clothes with the EcoEgg by soaking the laundry egg in water with your clothing for 20 minutes before washing.

What are the differences between EcoEgg laundry eggs?

The EcoEgg laundry eggs have different essential oil fragrances and an unscented version.  Also, depending on the number of washes, there are added mineral pellets in the package to extend the length of use.  All laundry eggs come with a 10-year product guarantee.

How do they compare to soap nuts?

I honestly haven’t used soap nuts/berries.  Soap nuts would be a truly compostable option, but the EcoEgg worked out more economical and accessible for us.  I’m not thrilled about the EcoEgg being made of plastic, but it is recyclable and can be refilled over and over again.  If I run out of pellets, I can order a refill without purchasing another EcoEgg.  For those of you who regularly use soap nuts, please share your experience in the comments below.

If you’re thinking of trying the EcoEgg, here’s a link to buy one.  I’d love to hear what you think too!


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