Trying to Be Green in Oman

The produce lady sees me coming. She peers from the side of her eye and begins to mumble something. She’s not looking at the color of my skin or the way I’m dressed, because in all honesty, we can pass for cousins. She’s looking at my reusable produce bags and can’t seem to figure them... Continue Reading →


Reflecting on Our First Ramadan in Ankara

This Ramadan has been challenging and it has nothing to do with hunger, thirst, or heat. There is something intangible missing—namely that collective common spirit that I’m accustomed to feeling in either the wider consciousness of a Muslim country or the intentional consciousness of a dedicated minority. Still trying to figure out how to comprehend... Continue Reading →

Why We Live Abroad

It’s a sunny day in Ankara. After a week of peering through a cold cloud of fog from our apartment window, the frosted trees now glisten in the sunshine. Our home is abundantly warm and the neighborhood serene. With the exception of weekends and holidays, both national and Islamic, Urbndervish walks ten minutes to his... Continue Reading →

Fall Reflection + Quince Recipe

If one were to casually peek into our window, either literally or virtually, it would appear as if we are oblivious to the pain and suffering happening around the world. We consume the news in small doses and discuss some of it in code or late night conversations, consciously careful to protect this nest and... Continue Reading →

Marital Advice That Works for Us

My cousin is getting married today and unfortunately, we can't be there to attend.  Our newborn is not yet six-weeks old and we've had to rework our travel plans accordingly.  In lieu of our absence, we wanted to congratulate the newlyweds and offer ten practices and principles that have really benefited us in our years of... Continue Reading →

Dinner Hosting Made Simple

When it comes to homemaking, I’m no Martha Stewart.  I love taking care of my home and family but there is no inherent joy derived for me by the means, only the end.  I cook and clean happily but there is no euphoria involved.  With my limited domestic skills, I used to be deterred from... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Festivity for the Not-So-Crafty

If you own a hot glue gun, X-Acto knife, or a MacBook, perhaps this post is not for you.  This post is for the artistically-challenged.  Those of us who struggle to draw straight lines, lack innate artistic ability and have never owned a set of cookie cutters.  There are great companies and creative individuals who save... Continue Reading →

A Ramadan Retrospective

As I prepare to enter my twelfth year of observing Ramadan, I can’t help but revisit my first.  I had recently accepted Islam freely and privately in my attic bedroom.  My fast was just as covert as my conversion.  In a house full of Christian roommates, none were aware of my new faith and the... Continue Reading →

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