Raw Suhoor (Pre-Fasting) Meals

Back when we lived in Turkey, I had a writing assignment at The LifeCo Antalya-- an amazing detox retreat center on the southern coast.  After three days of my own cleansing, one of the workers bade me farewell and said to me, "Ramadan is our detox, isn't it?  Fasting cleanses our bodies and the daily... Continue Reading →


Our First Family Moon Sighting

After all these years observing Ramadan, we finally witnessed the birth of the new crescent moon which signifies that the blessed month has begun.  In some places where we've lived, the view was obstructed, we lacked transportation, or we thought ourselves incapable. However, this year was different.  After hanging our Ramadan calendar, stringed lights, paper chains,... Continue Reading →

Rediscovering Ramadan as Parents

It seems that each year’s Ramadan brings a new set of challenges and opportunities to raise the bar, up the ante, and climb a little higher.  On one hand, we consciously made the choice to stay in Nizwa—in spite of the imprisoning heat—so we would have no major interruption in our rhythm.  For the last... Continue Reading →

On the First Night of Ramadan 2013

...we completed our Ramadan calendar, strung the lights, and put glow in the dark stars on the walls adjacent to Lil' Z's bed.  Though it feels like her first Ramadan, it's really her third but now she's a participant.  No fasting for her but plenty of fun and festivity to go around. Are we the... Continue Reading →

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