Plant-Based Diet

RAWmadan in Review

Raw Suhoor (Pre-Fasting) Meals

Healthy Eating Hacks for the Whole Family

Review: Fuel Jar in Muscat

Review:  Farmacy Vegan Kitchen and Bakery

Review:  Detox Market in Ankara

Review:  Padam Coffee Shop in Ankara

Review:  Ev Yapımı Vegan Lezzetler in Ankara

Review:  Ege Günlüğü in Ankara

Review: Juice Love in Ankara

Review: Masum Mutfak in Istanbul

Review: Semotti’s Bakery in Ankara

Review: Wuyang Chinese Restaurant in Ankara

Hearty Vegan Finds in Istanbul

Review: Vegisso in Ankara

Review: Spicy Curry House in Ankara

Review:  Trang Viet in Tampa

Review:  The Door in Queens

Review:  La Flamme d’Istanbul in Casablanca

Review:  Bombay Palace in Casablanca

Review:  Shi Shang in Madrid

Finding Organic Produce Abroad

Hearty Vegan Finds in Rabat

Review:  Wok to Walk in Casablanca

Review:  Dandelion Communitea Cafe in Orlando

Review:  Caribbean Crown in Tampa

Review:  Spicy Village in Nizwa

Review:  Thai Corner in Muscat

Herbivores of Arabia – Vegan Tips for Travel in the Middle East and North Africa

Vegan Travel 101

Renewing My Vegan Vows

Review:  Veggie Castle II in Queens

Review: Bunna Cafe and Dun-Well Doughnuts in Brooklyn

Review:  Meknes Cafe in Muscat

Review:  Palayok Restaurant in Muscat

Review:  Coconut House Restaurant in Muscat

Vegan Activism in Addis Ababa

Greenfist Award 2012 for Best Vegan Accommodations in Ethiopia

The Vegan Scene in Oman

Buffet:  The best thing to happen to Ethiopian food!

Vegetarianism in Islam:  Contradictory or Compatible?

Talking ‘Bout a RAW-volution

Greenfist Award 2011:  Best Vegan Flight Meal

Forks over Knives

Annual Greenfist award goes to…

The Making of a Tasty Salad

How FRESH is your food?

Looking Back

My Seven Steps to Vegan Success

The Fruit Substitute

For the Love of God…


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