Four Essential Road Trip Rules

Four families speaking four different languages set out on a four-hour journey from Nizwa to Sur.  With eight adults and six children, the overnight trip was a bit ambitious but we survived.  We had our hiccups and laughs but promised not to consider this venture again without the following rules in place. Assign a leader... Continue Reading →


An Eid Staycation: Part II

Day 3 To wrap up our Muscat adventure, we spent a relaxing and quiet morning at Athaiba Beach.  Tucked away behind a quiet neighborhood of palatial villas, we found the public beach vacant at 8:30am.  We secured a shaded plot of sand on the beach and let the children go wild—playing in the sand, jumping... Continue Reading →

An Eid Staycation: Part I

One of the many things to love about life in a Muslim country is the recognition and observance of sacred Islamic holidays.  Some get frustrated with the unpredictability of lunar sightings and last-minute holiday announcements but we take it in stride because 1. It’s all paid holiday time 2. This is not our homeland to... Continue Reading →

Rediscovering Ramadan as Parents

It seems that each year’s Ramadan brings a new set of challenges and opportunities to raise the bar, up the ante, and climb a little higher.  On one hand, we consciously made the choice to stay in Nizwa—in spite of the imprisoning heat—so we would have no major interruption in our rhythm.  For the last... Continue Reading →

Unschooling in the Green Mountains of Oman

I recently joined a group of Muslim mamas on Facebook who have shared passions—attachment parenting, homeschooling/unschooling, and natural family living.  When I told Urbndervish about it, he lit up saying “you’ve found your niche!”  Sweet soul that he is spoke nothing other than the truth.  I've found a robust group of women trying to live... Continue Reading →

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