Raw Suhoor (Pre-Fasting) Meals

Back when we lived in Turkey, I had a writing assignment at The LifeCo Antalya-- an amazing detox retreat center on the southern coast.  After three days of my own cleansing, one of the workers bade me farewell and said to me, "Ramadan is our detox, isn't it?  Fasting cleanses our bodies and the daily... Continue Reading →


Reflecting on Our First Ramadan in Ankara

This Ramadan has been challenging and it has nothing to do with hunger, thirst, or heat. There is something intangible missing—namely that collective common spirit that I’m accustomed to feeling in either the wider consciousness of a Muslim country or the intentional consciousness of a dedicated minority. Still trying to figure out how to comprehend... Continue Reading →

Nurturing Friendships

Every summer, our visits to the United States fly by so quickly. Whether we’ve stayed three weeks or three months, time never seems adequate enough to visit all of our relatives, let alone our friends. This year, however, we received invitations so warm and sincere that they were hard to decline. With pregnancy behind us... Continue Reading →

Our American Eid

Six years have passed since our last Eid holiday in the United States.  Our first Eid abroad was in Yemen, then Saudi Arabia, followed by Oman, Indonesia, and Ethiopia.  Each country and culture adds their distinct flavor to the religious holiday, but none can compare to the American Eid experience. Given the unique circumstances of... Continue Reading →

Renewing My Vegan Vows

I’ve been vegan for almost as long as I’ve been married.  It’s something so second nature and natural to me that I sometimes take it for granted--at least until I’m confronted by others who can’t understand how or why anyone would abstain from meat or dairy.  I’ve already addressed how I adopted a plant-based diet... Continue Reading →

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