Our First Family Moon Sighting


After all these years observing Ramadan, we finally witnessed the birth of the new crescent moon which signifies that the blessed month has begun.  In some places where we’ve lived, the view was obstructed, we lacked transportation, or we thought ourselves incapable. However, this year was different.  After hanging our Ramadan calendar, stringed lights, paper chains, lantern and supplication posters, the most fitting end to the day was to sight the new moon.

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According to Crescentwatch.org, the moon sighting was “highly probable” in North America by the naked eye, so we did a quick internet search for the best places to watch the sun set in Tampa.  We chose the Tampa International Airport roof parking lot over Clearwater Beach and convinced another family to join us.

We packed water, snacks, and Ramadan-themed books for the occasion but we were preoccupied.  Arriving just after sunset, we thought the sky was too cloudy to see the crescent.  Our friends joined us and we all thought we arrived too late but after offering the evening prayer, we saw the crescent clearly.  Slightly to the left above where we watched the sun set, the new moon unveiled itself and we all witnessed, adults and children alike.

Ramadan Crescent
Photo Credit: Erik

After beholding its beauty, we made a special supplication for sighting the moon, talked about our Ramadan plans, and called it a night– a very special first Ramadan night.  May the blessings of this month engulf you, whether you observe Ramadan or not.


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