What to Do When Your Best Friend Visits Oman

I retired the term “best friend” many years ago.  It seemed like after a certain age, the people I gave the title to couldn’t handle it with care.  My elementary school best friend was great; but thereafter, the best friends I chose didn't treat me so well.  And the fact that my expectations were so high, … Continue reading What to Do When Your Best Friend Visits Oman


Living Debt-Free and Staying That Way!

When it comes to money, we live by three principles:  only spend what you can afford to; repay debts as soon as possible; and spend with principle, purpose, and longevity in mind.  What this translates to in our lives is that we rent our apartment, own a used car, and have limited possessions.  Such a … Continue reading Living Debt-Free and Staying That Way!

Why Every Mom Needs a “Tully”

On long-haul flights I catch up on a year’s worth of cinema.  When Z was little, we packed an arsenal of activities and books to avoid screen time, but now we just succumb.  For a household that doesn’t own a television, we’re resigned to the fact that a few hours of non-stop, in-flight entertainment won’t … Continue reading Why Every Mom Needs a “Tully”

Leaving My Kids for the Very First Time!

Since my kids were born, I've never spent a day without them.  A few hours, at most, but never a night nor a day without my little ones.  For all of Z's seven and a half of years of life and Moulay's three, we've been together--living, traveling, unschooling, playing. You get the picture. But next week for … Continue reading Leaving My Kids for the Very First Time!

Low-Impact Living in Muscat

Life in the desert gets hot—really hot. We’ve had this conversation before but after welcoming my mom for her recent visit to Muscat, Urbndervish and I reflected on how in spite of the intense heat, life in Oman has helped actualize many goals and ideals that we could only talk about while living in the United States. … Continue reading Low-Impact Living in Muscat

Raggamuslims’ Recap of 2017

Is it too late for a year retrospective?  Unlike the calendar of Pope Gregory XIII, our year never seems to start on January 1st.  Somehow, we just feel our way through the seasons.  But generally speaking, the past year--give or take a few months--has been new territory for all of us on all fronts. As parents, … Continue reading Raggamuslims’ Recap of 2017

If Only School Were Like Camp…

  Winter is already here. No snow in these parts, but there is lovely outdoor weather, plenty of sunshine, and winter camp. Recreational centers are promoting their programs during the school break, and I personally think camp is a great experience for homeschooled and unschooled children to tap into. Z had her first camp experience … Continue reading If Only School Were Like Camp…

Turning Seven: Significance and Celebration

Our baby girl is now seven. We’ve been prepping her for this new phase by drumming up the new responsibilities and opportunities awaiting her. She initially retreated from the idea, saying she wished she could remain six but as the new privileges came to light, she could no longer wait. I casually mentioned that in the … Continue reading Turning Seven: Significance and Celebration

Trying to Be Green in Oman

The produce lady sees me coming. She peers from the side of her eye and begins to mumble something. She’s not looking at the color of my skin or the way I’m dressed, because in all honesty, we can pass for cousins. She’s looking at my reusable produce bags and can’t seem to figure them … Continue reading Trying to Be Green in Oman