Two Years of Nursing, One Week of Weaning

Moulay is two years old now in both the lunar and solar calendar. His solar birthday found us here in New York with family. For his lunar birthday, we were still in Oman and that’s the day we started weaning our little man off of breastmilk. I had hoped that Moulay would end on his... Continue Reading →


Review: Sweet Child O’Mine in Tampa

  Earlier this month, I had my final postpartum visit. After six weeks of care both preceding and following the birth of Moulay, it was time to bid farewell. Even though prenatal care, birthing assistance, and postnatal care are services we paid for, I felt largely indebted to the staff of Sweet Child O’Mine. They... Continue Reading →

you are my ramadan

sighting the moon as you suckle cooing while i recite nibbling suhoor* as you snuggle changing diapers in the moonlight   my night vigil begins with your cry your milky kisses break my day's fast your smiles are sweeter than dates holding you is my i'etikaf**   comforting you is my remembrance nursing you is my... Continue Reading →

Birth Story: Breathing Baby Out

"What to do when you’re five days overdue?" This was the question I asked myself on May 18 and the best answer was to pack up the family and go to the beach. Lil’ Z woke up too sniffly to attend her swimming lesson, and we thought the sand and sea would be much more... Continue Reading →

Our Newest Addition

The last month for us has been quietly filled with baby baking, settling into our Floridian life, and preparing for our next move.  Lil' Z has been taking swimming lessons twice a week and attending art classes every Saturday.  Urbndervish has taken up a part-time job and I've been completing small tasks and projects from my... Continue Reading →

Ten Reflections for Round Two

  At 37 weeks pregnant, it’s about time I start acting like a baby is on the way.  My birthing bag is mostly packed.  We have an in-bed bassinet for our co-sleeping arrangement.  I’ve got a stash of coconut water and dates for my labor snacks.  The appropriate pads are on deck for all of... Continue Reading →

A New Season for Our Family

This is the first Spring we’ve spent in America in the last seven years.  Though New York still felt very much like winter during our visit a few weeks ago, we are now in the Sunshine State and the weather is pleasantly sunny.  Our usual stay in Florida involves a ton of family activities, rest, and... Continue Reading →

Leaving Oman: From Here to Where?

  Looking around at the bare closets, empty shelves, and boxes of books that dwarf our dusty suitcase of clothing, it’s evident that our caravan is pulling out.   Four years--the longest stretch of time our family has ever lived in a single residence or city--has come to an end.  For two years, we lived out... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Festivity for the Not-So-Crafty

If you own a hot glue gun, X-Acto knife, or a MacBook, perhaps this post is not for you.  This post is for the artistically-challenged.  Those of us who struggle to draw straight lines, lack innate artistic ability and have never owned a set of cookie cutters.  There are great companies and creative individuals who save... Continue Reading →

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