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“Raggamuslim”- [rāg’a-mŏŏs’lem]-n.- term coined to describe an observant Muslim with a distinctive “organic”/simple lifestyle.  They are usually characterized by colourful, scarves and hand-knitted headgear; second-hand clothing; and infectious smiles.  They can oftentimes be seen at places that range from mosques to local health food stores to used book stores to thrift stores.  They can usually be found reading books on various subjects which include but is not limited to: Qur’an, Islamic jurisprudence, biographies, political theory (Islamic and Non), wholistic health, environmentalism, history, and cookbooks.
Typically, raggamuslims are strict vegetarians.  This means that they refrain from animal products (ie. flesh, dairy, eggs, and their derivatives).  They are often chided and jeered for their diet choice by phrases like “Why don’t you eat no meat? The Prophet (as) ate meat!” but they tend to find solace knowing that fadila (virtue) is earned moreso by HOW MUCH one eats.

They are zealous when it comes to the sunnah; especially sunnah (prophetic precedence) actions that connect them to nature.  For example, many prefer: eating with the hand as opposed to silverware; eating, sitting, and sleeping on the floor; wearing scented musk oils; “buruuj“– utilizing the sun/moon to determine prayer times and holidays as opposed to calculated charts; and prostrating on the earth or something that grows from the earth.  Even though they attempt to do the aforementioned actions, they tend not to judge their fellow believers for doing otherwise.
If one wanted to snare a raggamuslim, one can easily do so with vegetarian Indian, Caribbean, or Middle Eastern food. They also seemed to be attracted to cheesy zombie flicks, classical teaching-shaykhs, tofu, and vegan ice-cream sandwiches.

Raggamuslims are generally amicable creatures; however, there may be those that don’t like their presence. For those individuals, it may be helpful to know that raggamuslims can be warded off by: suits and ties, self-righteousness, X-mas Carols, “Southern” restaurants, and mediocrity.


24 thoughts on “About Us

  1. As salamu alaikum sister,

    I’m so glad you and your better half have made it safely and are able to have the blessing of visiting a Muslim country. May Allah give you all the good knowledge Insha Allah. I wanted to send this blog to you maybe it will be of use. Hurry back to us.

    As salamu alaikum
    Aminah (Bukhari’s wife)


  2. aminah- wa alaykum as salaam wa rahmatullah. wa eyyakum- ameen! thanks for the link. please give our salaams to the fam.

    jen- i’ve been thinking of you too! things must be crazy busy for you these days! be well. wa salaam.

  3. Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullah, inshaAllah you made it back safe and sound and are soon settling in… hope all is well..man i miss you already subhanAllah!..take care and keep us in ur duaas!
    Walaykumasalam wa rahmatullah

  4. Greetings Dear Sister & Brother,
    I am so delighted to partake in this journey with u all as u discover all that u can see and all that u will envision for us truly to be righteous and free. I will be catching myself up…with u’re blogs and jotting down tons of great recipes to share with the other sister’s at the potlucks & community gatherings.

    Yours in Struggle & Victory,

  5. Samiya- wa alaykum as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu!
    alhamdulillah, we are well. thinking of you too. please keep in touch.

    Nazura- peace sis! what’s up? i’ll try to post a few new recipes shortly. thanks for journeying with us. blessings.

  6. Hi there, Cous. I finally made it to your blog. Wow! I haven’t been able to read through it all and probably won’t, but I have spent quite some time reading as much as I can. I’m signing off now but wanted to drop you and Talib a little note to say hello and I am thinking of you both. Lonnell and I are doing well. Our prayers are with you always.

    Ali and Lonnell

  7. Peace b unto both you,

    I pray that this message reaches you serene and healthy. I was very happy to find this blog online. You r doing a great job with it, it’s humorous and very interesting to say the least. God willing, we can link, Urbndervish, when u return to florida. To the both of you, continue living the life you love.

    Raspect & Love,

    Grass Root Organic

    1. Peace be upon you!
      Hey Buddy! Ahem, excuse me, Abu Zayd!
      Great to hear from you! I pray that you, the queen, and the rest of the fam are okay!
      Congrats on the new addition!
      Happy you had a chance to peruse the blog!
      Regarding my return to Florida, you may see me sooner than you think!
      (Diabolical laughter ensues)



  8. hi Raggamuslims!

    our mutual friend, Ginger, shared your blog with me. I’ve been reading over the past few months. loving your recipes and insights on parenting! wanted to reach out and share some love in a time where there is too little…

    what a blessing you have in store 🙂

    1. Thanks for joining us in our journey, Brittany! You are more than welcomed! And thanks to Ginger, our mutual friend! 😉

  9. Sis and Bro,

    Just checking in with you! Blessings and much love. I was reflecting with another sister on our old Sankofa Pitt days and how inspiration you were with your messages back then sis! And you continue to be through both of you sharing this blog of your adventures. Lil Z is a perfect blend of you both- gorgeous! My lil A got excited to see her pics! What a big girl in the sand!

    Pray all things continue to go well and blessings flow abundantly.

    1. Abundant peace to you sister!
      So very glad to hear from you and belated congrats on your newest addition.
      Just recently we too were reflecting on our Pitt days- we remember and cherish them fondly! 😀
      At some point, you MUST let Lil’ A experience the beach and sand. Lil’ Z was sooo enlivened by it! She grabbed sand by the fistfuls to analyze it, rubbed it in her hair and face a bit, and then just started digging, as if she were looking for lost gold! 😉 Children are so pure, so they connect to pure people and nature so organically! It’s amazing, humbling and insightful!
      Please share our sincerest love and warmest peace with the you, yours, and others.

  10. Came across your blog and wanted to say hello to ‘urbndervish’.
    I’m pretty sure he’s old friend of mine from USF / Tampa area.
    Glad to see he’s doing well.

  11. I don’t think I can tell you enough how much I enjoy your blog. I read it from beginning to end. I truly love the way you capture the moment with the use of words. It really allows the reader to feel as if they are there experiencing everything with you. I also admire your lifestyle and committment to your faith. Little Z is positively scrumptious. Blessings to you and your family.

    1. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, HHV!
      Our intent has always been to bring our readers along on this colorful, winding journey with us. Thank you for joining us and blessings to you and yours as well!

  12. Salam you three!
    It was lovely coming across your blog, which I discovered while roving the web for travelblogs about Oman. It’s wonderful how you guys tie together spirituality, travel, food, and Islam so beautifully. The descriptions of your travels across the world are superbly written and were a treat to read. Your blog gives me faith that there are ways to fuse the principles of infusing nature with modern living. I also loved the way you are bringing up your little daughter. The raggamuslim lifestyle is something I have just discovered through your website, but I aim to learn more about it and inshallah adopt facets of it. Thank you and keep writing!

    1. Salams! Thanks for perusing our blog and your kind comments! Yeah, we are adamant about interweaving the many rich aspects of Islam and life, as you mentioned. Please feel free to post any questions and reflections you have had in your journey as well.

      Love us!

      the raggamuslims

  13. Salam.. It’s been a pleasure reading your blog. Just like you, our family would like to take on the journey of learning arabic in the Middle East. Would you be able to contact me via my email? We have some questions if you don’t mind helping from your experience.

    May Allah bless u n yr family. 🙂


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