My Five Favorite Services in Muscat

I <3 Oman

More than a month ago, I was contacted to freelance as a researcher for a sustainable tourism project.  I have since completed the project and in doing so had a chance to really reflect on Oman’s continual growth and evolution and fall in love with her all over again.  I’ve been enchanted by Oman for years but to see all of her endearing qualities continue to flourish and blossom is a blessing to witness.  Life here keeps getting richer, as well as more convenient than when we first moved here in 2010 and here are my five favorite services that make life in Muscat even easier.


Where has this app been my whole life?  Because taxis aren’t metered in Oman, there is plenty of money to be lost if you don’t know where you’re going and how much it should cost to reach there.  Save all the negotiating and haggling by using OTaxi.  Like Uber, you set your pickup location, place your order, and receive notice of the driver and vehicle that has answered your request and is on their way to you.  You can track their arrival on the app and receive your receipt by email or SMS.  If you’re game to give it a try, you can get a 10% discount by using this referral code:  76GXMA.


For cell phone  and internet service, we use Ooredoo.  Their app is user-friendly and they have kiosks and branches all over Muscat.  If you need reliable high-speed internet, Awasr is highly recommended too.

Al Khuwair Post Office

There is no routine residential mail delivery here in Oman.  Even if you have an address, you may still need to retrieve your mail from a workplace, courier service, or your nearest post office.  For your mailing address, use your nearest post office’s address and include your mobile number.  When mail arrives, you’ll receive an SMS message with a package ID number and, if it’s a parcel, you’ll pay 1 OMR to retrieve it. Alternatively, you can purchase a P.O. Box at your nearest post office for 20 OMR per year.  Note:  if your mobile number isn’t included with your mailing address, the package will be returned to sender.  My favorite post office is in Al Khuwair and the mailing address is as follows:

Postal Code 133

Al Khuwair, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


When you need to send or receive urgent or important packages, I’d highly recommend Aramex.  Aramex is a worldwide shipping service that gives you a mailing address in major cities abroad and routes mail to your locality for pick-up.  With my Aramex account, I have multiple international addresses from New York to Kuala Lumpur but no matter which address the sender posts a package from, I can pick it up at my local Aramex office.  You can set up your own Aramex account here.


Khedmah kiosks are located in major malls like Muscat Grand Mall and City Centre Seeb and give you the option of paying all of your utility bills at once.  They also have an app that can be used which is better than looking for OIFC offices to pay your bills.

Raggamuslims Oman


For those of you living in Muscat, what are your favorite service providers?




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