Low-Impact Living in Muscat

Life in the desert gets hot—really hot. We’ve had this conversation before but after welcoming my mom for her recent visit to Muscat, Urbndervish and I reflected on how in spite of the intense heat, life in Oman has helped actualize many goals and ideals that we could only talk about while living in the United States.... Continue Reading →


If Only School Were Like Camp…

  Winter is already here. No snow in these parts, but there is lovely outdoor weather, plenty of sunshine, and winter camp. Recreational centers are promoting their programs during the school break, and I personally think camp is a great experience for homeschooled and unschooled children to tap into. Z had her first camp experience... Continue Reading →

Oman Adventures: Dimaniyat Islands

Last weekend was definitely a #iheartoman kind of weekend. July 23rd was Renaissance Day and a national holiday in Oman, so there were a number of excursion promotions being offered. What caught our attention was a three-hour glass bottom boat tour to the Dimaniyat Islands, a nature reserve about 45 minutes away from Seeb Port... Continue Reading →

Teaching Arabic to Our Homeschooling Community

Following our camping trip in Dubai, we spent two more days in Abu Dhabi with dear and beloved friends. Coincidentally and serendipitously, I wasn’t the only visitor passing through that weekend. Another dear and beloved friend, who I consider to be more of a mentor than a fellow student, was passing through. Before babies and... Continue Reading →

A Long Way Home

It has been a long hiatus. I have written little for the past three months for three reasons: we were in the US visiting our families, Urbndervish left to start a new job and he had to take our laptop with him. Even if I had the laptop, it’s not likely much writing would’ve gotten... Continue Reading →

Review: Star of the Sea Cruise in Muscat

When your family crosses the seven seas to visit you abroad, you have to make their time memorably spectacular.  It presents the perfect opportunity to do something unique and special, and this is exactly what our friend did earlier this year.  Her 80-year old mother came to Oman, accompanied by a spunky and active 80-year... Continue Reading →

An Eid Staycation: Part I

One of the many things to love about life in a Muslim country is the recognition and observance of sacred Islamic holidays.  Some get frustrated with the unpredictability of lunar sightings and last-minute holiday announcements but we take it in stride because 1. It’s all paid holiday time 2. This is not our homeland to... Continue Reading →

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