Oman Adventures: Wadi Muayideen, Ras al Jinz, and Wahiba Sands

They say confession is good for the soul, so here goes:  as green as we try to be, we really don't know much about the outdoors.  Much like armchair revolutionaries, we're treehuggers in theory more so than practice.  Growing up in New York City, my idea of a survival skill was having a talent ready for making a... Continue Reading →


Greenfist Award 2012 for Best Vegan Accommodations in Ethiopia

One of the keys to a successful family travel experience is figuring out where you plan to rest your head at night.  A cozy bed to ensure restful and peaceful sleep can temper the stress of your day's adventure and rejuvenate you to tackle what's ahead.  Thankfully, we had the time and insight to scour... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: Journey to Negash

Day 4 Our departure from Harar was abrupt.  Our guided tour had just ended and the options to stay in more expensive hotels outside of the walled city didn’t seem appetizing.  On top of that, it was a Sunday- a long way from the vegan feasts of Wednesday and Friday, so we boarded a minibus... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: Hunger and Holiness in Harar

Day 3 The pilgrimage to Harar started just before dawn at Meskel Square, where Ethiopia’s athletes and aspirants train every morning.  Trying to balance time, money, and the planet, we opted to travel to Harar by Selam Bus.  There are other minibuses for long-distance journeys but they don’t offer what Selam’s luxury buses promise:  air... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: Eid in Addis Ababa

Day 2 After sound sleep, we arose early enough to hear the call to prayer in the distance.  We prayed and prepped for our special day- Eid al-Adha!  We woke Lil’ Z at about 6 am, fed her, and began our long walk to the prayer.  In Oman, there are gatherings for the outdoor prayer... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: Arriving in Addis Ababa

We finally took a long-awaited trip that was literally seven years in the making!  Even prior to marriage, Urbndervish and I daydreamed about visiting Ethiopia- a combination of our post-Rasta, pan-African, and Muslim consciousness heralded a need to see and witness Abyssinia firsthand.  Over the years, we told ourselves that we could not make this... Continue Reading →

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