Montessori for Nomads: Eighteen Months to Two Years

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be a Montessori tutorial in any way, shape or form; but rather, this is intended to share how we attempt to incorporate our understanding of Montessori principles in a DIY-minimalist-eco-friendly-raggamuslim-kinda way. Proceed, if you wish. Montessori for Nomads:  Birth to Six Months Montessori for Nomads:  Six to Twelve Months Montessori... Continue Reading →


Oman Adventures: Wadi Shab, Al Hamra, and Misfat al Abriyeen

"Beauty has a destination" is the the new tourism slogan in Oman and it really is appropriate.  I've met well-off Omanis who have not traveled further than the Gulf and don't have any desire to.  They are so satisfied with the simple, yet varied beauty of their homeland that they don't see a need to veer any... Continue Reading →

Getting the Garlic In…Me and My Toddler

Garlic is amazing!  While taking my Family Herbalism course, the reality of how potent and powerful garlic can be really hit me!  Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-people- you name it, garlic's got it!  Eating cooked garlic is easy but raw garlic is where the punch lies, so here are our family's favorite ways to consume it. Blended... Continue Reading →

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