Teaching Arabic to Our Homeschooling Community

Following our camping trip in Dubai, we spent two more days in Abu Dhabi with dear and beloved friends. Coincidentally and serendipitously, I wasn’t the only visitor passing through that weekend. Another dear and beloved friend, who I consider to be more of a mentor than a fellow student, was passing through. Before babies and... Continue Reading →


Adjusting to Ankara: Myths and Realities

Turkey is our fifth country of residence since living abroad.  As with our past moves, there’s something fascinating to me about that very first ride from the airport to the place you will call home. From the time those sliding doors open from the safety of the airport lobby to the mystery of the world... Continue Reading →

Marital Advice That Works for Us

My cousin is getting married today and unfortunately, we can't be there to attend.  Our newborn is not yet six-weeks old and we've had to rework our travel plans accordingly.  In lieu of our absence, we wanted to congratulate the newlyweds and offer ten practices and principles that have really benefited us in our years of... Continue Reading →

The Five P’s of Preparing for Your Life Abroad

  Purpose When my brother moved abroad more than thirteen years ago, his life seemed like an Indiana Jones adventure.  Unreliable internet access and expensive international calls made communication scarce.  Whenever we did make contact, he would engage us in long and winding tales of the people, places, and circumstances he encountered in the deserts of... Continue Reading →

Vegan Travel 101

by:  eternitysojournerVegan Meal on Korean Air FlightEating abroad is its own adventure, isn’t it? There are new flavors, new tastes, and new dietary norms to explore. Many adventurers affirm that eating the local or native diet—wherever you are and wherever you may be—is part and parcel of cultural immersion. I completely understand, but my vegan... Continue Reading →

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