Review: Detox Market in Ankara

Healthy eating options are popping up all over Ankara. New restaurants, businesses, and kiosks are catering to the gluten-free, dairy-free, and healthy eating crowd like never before. Our latest discovery was found while running errands at Bilkent Center. In both Turkish and English, I recognized the words “healthy”, “cold-pressed juices”, and “flourless”. When I stopped... Continue Reading →


Review: Juice Love in Ankara

In Ankara’s Gordion Mall, there’s a tiny colorful kiosk bursting with color and teeming with life. Curious shoppers ask “Are you selling shampoos? Shower gels?” Even better than artificial colors and synthetic scents, what’s for sale are the fruits of nature’s own coloring box, curated by the Creator—fresh, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices made by... Continue Reading →

Review: Juju Fresh in Ankara

If the name doesn’t grab you, the taste sure will. Fresh, cold-pressed juice is like drinking a salad or a bowl of fruit when you don’t have time to chew. It feels a bit like cheating but in the words of Juju Fresh owner, Işık, juicing is a great way to make your body alkaline... Continue Reading →

RAWmadan Bars

Traditional sweets are abundant in Ramadan, most of which are baked or fried. Since we gave up baking desserts, we had to create our own sweet treats for the occasion. The most signature "Ramadan dessert" for me is the date ma'amoul cookie--introduced to me on my college campus circa 2003-2004.  It's a buttery baked cookie with... Continue Reading →

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