Five Priceless Possessions for Traveling like a Local

  Last month, my family and I took a long-awaited and highly-anticipated journey to Ethiopia, visiting Addis Ababa, Harar, and Negash.  While we were riding high on the hype of an enriching historical journey, we had to come to terms with the poverty we would face in a developing country.  The tourism industry is booming … Continue reading Five Priceless Possessions for Traveling like a Local


Finding Organic Produce Abroad

Whether herbivore or omnivore, most would agree that consuming fresh produce is essential to good health.  In Western countries, we find small sticker labels on produce to distinguish conventional from organic, but how do you know the difference in the rest of the world?  Are the “dirty dozen”and “clean fifteen” lists relevant outside of the … Continue reading Finding Organic Produce Abroad

Vegan Activism in Addis Ababa

At the forefront of the animal rights movement in Ethiopia, you'll find a spirited activist leading the way.  Mesfin Hailemariam is introducing veganism to his homeland, one person and pamphlet at a time.  Between establishing vegan organizations, training farmers in vegan organic agriculture, and teaching children that animals are their friends, we were surprised that … Continue reading Vegan Activism in Addis Ababa