Review: Ege Günlüğü in Ankara

Aegean cuisine has a reputation for being one of Turkey’s most vegan-friendly regions. Along the fertile coast, a plethora of beans and vegetables grow abundantly and are traditionally slow-cooked with cold-pressed olive oil, fresh herbs and seasonings. Red lentils and bulgur wheat are combined to make mercimek kofte, the vegan version of a ground meat … Continue reading Review: Ege Günlüğü in Ankara


Review: Wuyang Chinese Restaurant in Ankara

A little known fact about me is that I’m part Chinese--one eighth to be exact. If you’ve ever seen my grandmother, Ms. Chin, our lineage would be evident. But her decision to marry my grandfather, a tall, dark-chocolate man, makes our Asian features hard to identify. Interestingly, my grandmother only remembers a few words of … Continue reading Review: Wuyang Chinese Restaurant in Ankara

Review: Spicy Curry House in Ankara

On a cool fall evening last month, we ventured out to try something new. Our taxi wove us through and around downtown Ankara to reach Gaziosmanpaşa or GOP. From a main road lined with high-end restaurants and boutiques, we couldn’t see our destination but another taxi driver directed us to turn the corner where we … Continue reading Review: Spicy Curry House in Ankara

Rediscovering Queens

I'm a Queens girl who loves Brooklyn.  On every visit to New York, I find myself sneaking to the PRB (People's Republic of Brooklyn) for a taste of the vibrant culture, free activities, and delicious food.  But crossing boroughs with a baby gets taxing, so we've redirected our attention to Queens and have been pleasantly … Continue reading Rediscovering Queens

Review: Trang Viet in Tampa

Vietnam is one of those countries we don’t know much about and have never been to.  Food can be a nation’s ambassador but, unfortunately, our first taste of Vietnamese cuisine in Casablanca was unimpressive.  Enjoying tofu was such a welcomed treat at that time that we didn’t mind the lackluster food.  We knew that we … Continue reading Review: Trang Viet in Tampa

Review: La Flamme d’Istanbul in Casablanca

Casablanca has a strong consumer culture.  If you love shopping and food, you can have your heyday in this city.  New restaurants are the talk of the town, and the opening of La Flamme d’Istanbul was no different.  Plastered on billboards, delivery trucks, and Facebook, the new Turkish restaurant was well-marketed and their Turkish chefs … Continue reading Review: La Flamme d’Istanbul in Casablanca