Trying to Be Green in Oman

The produce lady sees me coming. She peers from the side of her eye and begins to mumble something. She’s not looking at the color of my skin or the way I’m dressed, because in all honesty, we can pass for cousins. She’s looking at my reusable produce bags and can’t seem to figure them... Continue Reading →


A Long Way Home

It has been a long hiatus. I have written little for the past three months for three reasons: we were in the US visiting our families, Urbndervish left to start a new job and he had to take our laptop with him. Even if I had the laptop, it’s not likely much writing would’ve gotten... Continue Reading →

The Cornrow Chronicles

We’ve been blessed with a beautiful, busy, little brown girl.  She rolls and tumbles, romps and plays, with little regard for fashion or vanity.  Busy little brown girls, such as ours, need a special hairdo that’s indestructible.  Dependency on hair clips and bows, pins and headbands will not do.  From the time she could reach... Continue Reading →

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