Turning Seven: Significance and Celebration

Our baby girl is now seven. We’ve been prepping her for this new phase by drumming up the new responsibilities and opportunities awaiting her. She initially retreated from the idea, saying she wished she could remain six but as the new privileges came to light, she could no longer wait. I casually mentioned that in the... Continue Reading →


you are my ramadan

sighting the moon as you suckle cooing while i recite nibbling suhoor* as you snuggle changing diapers in the moonlight   my night vigil begins with your cry your milky kisses break my day's fast your smiles are sweeter than dates holding you is my i'etikaf**   comforting you is my remembrance nursing you is my... Continue Reading →

for a grieving mother

i have no poignant words to share nor wisdom to lift your grief i have no proverbs or parables to offer you relief   in the midst of sorrow and pain we are left asking "why?' not even time can heal some wounds as the days go by   the woes of this life are... Continue Reading →

birthing revolution

there’s a battle in the birthing room a war on women an assault on our agency a moratorium on mothering big business thieves are busy forcing their forceps scalpel-wielding scoundrels electively cutting what is whole vultures of vulnerability silencing our groans choosing to disempower and frighten when we should be empowered and free a birthing... Continue Reading →

the seamless seamstress

the seamless seamstress does more than it seems. she weaves her heart into the garments she seams. from hand-picking fabrics, like flowers in bloom to selecting the choicest threads fit for her loom. sorting through buttons that suit her delight, complementing color scheme and function just right. after basing the “frock”, she primes her machine... Continue Reading →

heavenly peace

  she sleeps in heavenly peace she has a peace from heaven she is a piece of heaven not an angel, but angelic so pure, you can smell it so true, you can tell it she dreams of sweet things that broaden her cheeks expand her breast giving tranquil rest she wakes as the dawn breaks... Continue Reading →

a beautiful reminder

what a beautiful reminder you are! your presence makes the passing of time so evident your purity makes the need to improve so relevant in your eyes, the future is reflected, so near my faults, so clear i see how far i've come and how much further i've yet to go how much further i've... Continue Reading →

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