Turning Seven: Significance and Celebration

Our baby girl is now seven. We’ve been prepping her for this new phase by drumming up the new responsibilities and opportunities awaiting her. She initially retreated from the idea, saying she wished she could remain six but as the new privileges came to light, she could no longer wait. I casually mentioned that in the … Continue reading Turning Seven: Significance and Celebration

you are my ramadan

sighting the moon as you suckle cooing while i recite nibbling suhoor* as you snuggle changing diapers in the moonlight   my night vigil begins with your cry your milky kisses break my day's fast your smiles are sweeter than dates holding you is my i'etikaf**   comforting you is my remembrance nursing you is my … Continue reading you are my ramadan

Loving Arabic, Loving Oman, Loving Arabic in Oman

if we were written in the stars the script was Arabic bound by a revelation heaven-sent a truth-bearing tongue evident its place in our hearts eminent The study of Arabic has been a common theme in our lives.  From the fated conversation more than ten years ago when I casually asked Urbndervish about where I could … Continue reading Loving Arabic, Loving Oman, Loving Arabic in Oman

Precious Pearl

small and seemingly insignificant like a grain of sand, innocent placed to dwell in dark warmth nourished protected the anticipation increases for the day you will emerge a beautiful pearl fashioned by God a blessing to be witnessed we are graced by your presence we love you!