Muscat’s First Vegan Iftar (Fast-Breaking Meal)

Lokanta Restaurant Muscat
Mezze Appetizers at Lokanta Restaurant

I might be going on a limb saying this, but I’m pretty sure we just made history.  On Thursday evening at Lokanta Restaurant, a table of 17 (including Z and Moulay) sat for an entirely vegan iftar meal.  Omani and expat, female and male, young and not-so-young had a totally plant-based, four-course, Turkish dinner.  Our mixed group was only meeting for the second time though we chatted comfortably and at length as if we knew each other much longer. What started as a simple invitation on Instagram has become a cohesive and organic community that keeps growing.

Hayat's Restaurant Muscat
Vegan Penne Alfredo with Tofu at Hayat’s Restaurant

Our first meeting was for a late lunch at Hayat’s Restaurant.  They printed a special vegan menu which is now available on request.  Such a thoughtful gesture makes it evident to me why businesses need to hear and see vegan requests en masse.  A single request here or there doesn’t have the same impact of coming face to face with an entire group making the same request.  Also, it’s an important lesson for businesses to see that eating plant-based is not reserved for any single nationality or demographic.

Lokanta Restaurant Muscat
Dessert Table at Lokanta Restaurant

And for our family, who is usually the only vegan amongst Muslims or Muslim amongst vegans, having this group is like a dream come true.  So, if you’re local and want to get it on the next meet-up, send a message to introduce yourself on the contact form and let’s break some vegan bread!

Lokanta Restaurant Muscat
Stuffed Artichokes at Lokanta Restaurant

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