Review: Juju Fresh in Ankara

Fresh, cold-pressed juice in Ankara.

If the name doesn’t grab you, the taste sure will. Fresh, cold-pressed juice is like drinking a salad or a bowl of fruit when you don’t have time to chew. It feels a bit like cheating but in the words of Juju Fresh owner, Işık, juicing is a great way to make your body alkaline and detoxify your system. Just by stepping into the small shop filled with pineapples, oranges, carrots, greens, and beets, I couldn’t imagine leaving Juju Fresh feeling anything less than lively.Juice *IS* always a better idea!

Stepping into the shop, I met a lovely woman who was slowly feeding a variety of fruits and veggies into a small masticating juicer, much like those used to press wheatgrass. I later discovered that this little machine is a potent powerhouse made of surgical-grade materials, developed to treat cancer patients in Europe. Juicing is a well-known treatment for healing and regenerating a weakened immune system, but everyone can enjoy its health benefits too. Cold-press juicers ensure that the enzymes inherent in plant foods are maintained and not destroyed by heat. I was eager to taste the juices for myself.

Juice options at Juju Fresh in Ankara.

We started with a combination of beet, apple, pear, lemon and ginger. The taste was pleasant and mildly sweet. Our next sample was a potent green juice consisting of cabbage, spinach, parsley, lettuce, lemon, and ginger. The taste was more nutritious than delicious, but not offensive in the least. To sweeten our palates, we were offered power balls- a creative reuse of nut milk pulp mixed with dried fruit and rolled in coconut. They were moist and filling. As a takeaway, we had my favorite–fresh almond milk sweetened with dates, cinnamon, and vanilla. It was refreshing and pleasant.

Almond milk sweetened with dates, vanilla, and cinnamon. Yum!

Unless juicing is your forte, it’s great to know that Juju Fresh takes orders and delivers right to your door. Whether for a detox cleanse or just a healthful addition to your daily routine, Juju has got you covered for all your juicing needs.

Fresh-pressed juices for you!

Our visit was hosted by Juju Fresh, but all opinions are our own.


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