Tips for Your Family Residency Permit (Aile Ikamet)

Kocatepe Mosque

After three months in Ankara, we are officially residents. Urbndervish entered the country on a work visa which had to be converted to a work permit/residency permit by his employer upon arrival. The children and I entered on 90-day tourist visas which expired at the beginning of this month. In the past, employers would also process family residency permits but not anymore. New government regulations require individuals to apply on their own through their e-ikamet website. It was a bit daunting but here are a few points of advice if you need to do the same.

Make your appointment

To make an appointment, you have to start your application online. You will be asked for the following:

-passport information

-the passport information of your sponsor (the working family member)

-your blood type

-a photo to be uploaded

-your complete mailing address (including the city, region, municipality, district, etc.)

-your permanent address

-your parents’ names

-your sponsor’s parents’ names

-your health insurance type (private, government-required, etc.)

-sponsor’s income

-your income and how it is obtained

I had difficulty finding our mailing address on the website, but the goal is to complete the online application to the best of your ability. You must have a confirmed appointment AND a printed (or saved), completed application. At this time, there is no way to save and resume working on your application.

Note:  The permit processing cost indicated at the end of your application might be waived depending on your sponsor’s career or employer.

Gather your documents

More than likely, you have a few weeks until your nearest appointment date, so you have time to gather the necessary paperwork to take with you. You’ll likely need the following for each applicant:

-for the spouse’s application: marriage certificate translated to Turkish by a certified translator

-for a child’s application: birth certificate translated to Turkish by a certified translator

-four photographs

-health insurance policy information for each applicant which MUST include this specific line of text: İşbu Poliçe 06.06.2014 Tarih ve 9 Sayılı ikamet İzni Taleplerinde Yaptırılacak Özel Sağlık sigortalarına İlişkin Genelge’de Belirlenen Asgari Teminat Yapısını kapsamaktadır

-original passport with a copy (front page and entry stamp)

-copy of your sponsor’s passport (front page and entry stamp)

-copy of your sponsor’s work permit/residency permit (both sides)

-housing document showing proof of residency

-sponsor’s payroll or bank account information

-a pink file folder (pembe dosya) which can be bought at a stationary shop

Pay the 55 TL permit document fee and submit the receipt with your application

For Ankara residents:  If you have a foreign ID number, you can pay this fee (ikamet tezkeresi defter bedeli) at İş Bankası. If you don’t have a foreign ID number, you can go here. We had to show our passports to pay this fee.

Show up for your appointment with all of your documents

In spite of your scheduled appointment, you’ll still be given a number and will have to wait until your number is called.  Because I had to show up with the children, I picked an afternoon appointment and waited one hour for my first appointment and two hours to re-submit my health insurance policy.

Just wait

Once everything is submitted and accepted, you’ll be given a printed document as a record of your application and the residency documents will be mailed to your address. If your address is wrong, like mine was, then expect a call from the post office asking you to pick up your residency document from your local post office.  Moulay’s was the first to arrive, just one week after turning the applications.  Lil’ Z and I are patiently waiting for ours.

Note:  This information is from my recollection of our application process.  For more thorough information about obtaining a family residency permit, visit this official site.

First Snow

Türkiye’ye hoş geldiniz!

Welcome to Turkey!


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