you are my ramadan

Moulay at 5 weeks

sighting the moon as you suckle

cooing while i recite

nibbling suhoor* as you snuggle

changing diapers in the moonlight


my night vigil begins with your cry

your milky kisses break my day’s fast

your smiles are sweeter than dates

holding you is my i’etikaf**


comforting you is my remembrance

nursing you is my charity

thoughts of you are my prayers

tending to you is my hajj journey


selflessness is my sacrifice

God’s mercy is that which I seek

motherhood is a spiritual path

placing paradise beneath our feet***


*suhoor:  pre-fasting meal eaten before dawn

**i’etikaf:  spiritual retreat

***reference found here



4 thoughts on “you are my ramadan

  1. Motherhood, fatherhood, parenthood, the ultimate accolade of our human existence and endeavour. A beautiful poem for your newest blessed arrival.

  2. Salam alaykum! I learnt from Nussaibahr that you are moving to Ankara. We can meet may be! I have 2 daughters 2,8 years old
    Blessings to you & the family

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