Free Art in Casablanca

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Our daughter is an artist.  It used to sound strange coming from her pint-sized frame but now, we are totally convinced.  She doesn’t need a studio, gallery, or exhibit to validate the title–she is an artist.  Drawing is not an innate talent or gift of hers, it is a craft that she practices with passion and persistence.   She has annihilated magnetic writing boards, forged through a small forest’s worth of scrap paper, and filled notebooks with characters, scenarios, and stories.  Art is how she processes the world and unravels the kinks from her day, and we’ve learned to give her the time and space she needs to do just that.  Hopefully, one day we can provide her with a small studio space with high quality art materials, sunshine, plants, and quietude but until then, a small shelf with paper, crayons, markers, paint, pencils, an easel, a smock, and our encouraging support is what we have.

To nurture our little artist, we have found frame shops, art galleries, and graffiti to admire but our most recent discovery is the Villa des Arts where small exhibits are displayed to the public for free.  The current exhibit was a bit too abstract for our taste but I think the upcoming “Street Art” display will be right up our alley.


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