In and Around Rabat

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Today is our last day as residents of Rabat.  Morocco’s capital has been kind to us and gave us a good first impression of what the next year has in store for us.  The neighbors in our old building aren’t the most sociable, but we share our common space with respect.  We learned to make our way around town with ease and most people are helpful when we ask for directions.  In our few short visits to Casablanca, we already see the contrast between Rabat and will certainly miss the friendly people and trustworthy taxi drivers.

With special thanks to the following neighbors who made our stay memorable:

-The elderly lady who chided me for taking up to much clothesline space.  I didn’t understand the words you said but I got the message loud and clear.

-The elderly lady’s husband who patiently walks with crutches everyday to sit outside of a storefront.  Every day he is dressed in a white turban, long brown robe, with red-framed glasses and prayer beads in his hands.  He never hears our greetings but his warm smile lights up our day without fail.

-The quiet chicken seller who only has two chickens for sale every day.

-The new storeowner next door who carried a full gas tank to our doorstep.

-The cyber café owner up the road who helped us to stay connected to our friends and families and helped us figure out Moroccan coinage.


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