Review: Wok to Walk in Casablanca

wok to walk

Now that we’re back in North Africa, we have to come to terms with how much harder it is to be vegan here than it was in Oman. Yes, there is more locally source produce at a fraction of the cost, but the variety of plant-based protein sources is lacking.  We’ve been eating a lot of lentils and hummus, along with the occasional dish of fava or white beans.  If we had red lentils and black-eyed peas to alternate, we would probably fare better, but we can’t help our unsatisfied craving for tofu and brown rice.  We haven’t found either in Rabat, and our apartment-hunting trip in Casablanca was our only hope for a lentil or hummus-free meal.


Not too far from where Urbndervish will be working, we found an international Asian franchise that recently arrived to Morocco.  They streamline their menu to encompass a simple stir fry.  You pick a base of rice, noodles, or veggies.  Then you add a variety of ‘favorites’ like tofu, extra veggies, seafood, or meat.  Finally, you pick one of six sauces and voila, your meal is served in a Chinese take-out box, whether you’re dining in or taking your food to go.

tofu and brown rice

We all chose brown rice with tofu with a variety of different sauces.  Vegans should note that the Beijing sauce is actually oyster sauce and that you must customize your order to exclude egg.  (Update:  According to the local franchise manager, the only vegan sauces are their Tokyo/Teriyaki, Hong Kong/Sweet Sour, Bali/Peanut, and Hot Asian sauces). With a few scattered shreds of cabbage and carrots, the meal was unimpressive in appearance but so satisfying in taste.  At less than $5 USD per serving, they keep their culinary direction extremely focused and work those woks in record timing.  The portion sizes were perfect for lunch but a double helping would make a more wholesome dinner.  Needless to say, this little eatery raised our optimism about what life in Casablanca has to offer.

art deco


Please Note:  Wok to Walk is not a purely vegetarian eatery, but they do wash and scrub each wok between use in full view.  In the United Kingdom, some of the franchises are certified halal but we are not certain about their Casablanca restaurant.


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  1. Or course their meat is hallal, as all meat in Morocco and any muslim country is hallal…. Please rectify tour review.

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