for a grieving mother

i have no poignant words to share

nor wisdom to lift your grief

i have no proverbs or parables

to offer you relief


in the midst of sorrow and pain

we are left asking “why?’

not even time can heal some wounds

as the days go by


the woes of this life are plenty

and even in times like this

we must remember this is not our home

there is a greater bliss


this world and its disappointments

at times seem so unjust

but the nature of life is that it ends

parting is a must


there is only one constant, one truth

which we can apply

God never fades nor ends

on this we can rely


God is never far, always close

to God, we must draw nearer

until the certainty of faith

makes it all seem clearer


our only lasting source of peace

and Giver of every good

has a greater plan for us

even if not understood


so cry your tears, grieve your loss

and recall the memories passed

but thank God for every moment

even if they did not last


keep gratitude on your tongue

until you feel it in your soul

and pray that God heals your hurt

and makes your heart feel whole


i pray that the joy you find with God

will outshine these dark days

and that you and your family remain

in God’s loving gaze



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