Four Essential Road Trip Rules

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Four families speaking four different languages set out on a four-hour journey from Nizwa to Sur.  With eight adults and six children, the overnight trip was a bit ambitious but we survived.  We had our hiccups and laughs but promised not to consider this venture again without the following rules in place.

  1. Assign a leader

Every group needs a leader, much like every car needs a driver.  The leader doesn’t need to be a tyrant, directing the group according to his or her whims.  Nor does the group leader need to be the most knowledgeable or organized.  A good leader delegates tasks, listens to the input of others, and puts a final word to the simplest decisions like when or where to meet for lunch.  It may sound unnecessary but it saves a lot of time in the long run.

  1. Schedule breaks

A two-hour stretch of driving is tough on those under five.  Thankfully, we planned a stop at the half-way mark going and coming.  At those stops, we were able to stop for snacks and let the children work out the wiggles before pressing onward.

  1. Book a three star hotel

With all of our varied personalities and cultures, it was hard to know what people expected from our modest road trip.  Booking a solid middle of the way hotel was a good choice for the bargain hunters and the luxury travelers.  Soft, comfy beds, attentive service, and a decent breakfast are the most essential features for a single night’s stay.  A longer stay might also need a great location and recreational facilities.

  1. Be flexible

Give room for families to do their own thing.  Laze away at the beach, find their own restaurant for dinner, and adapt to the needs of their own little group within the larger group.  Safe travels!


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