A New Writing Venture: MCV Magazine


Earlier this summer, I shared my ambition to be a travel writer and some pieces I wrote for a travel website that later froze and vaporized for unknown reasons.  That was disappointing but another opportunity has come my way.  While in New York we stopped by MECCA Center in mid-town Manhattan and met two lovely sisters from Brooklyn.  As I struck up a conversation with one of them, I shared this blog with her and referred to myself as an “aspiring travel writer”.  Her reply?  “You are a travel writer” and I’m starting to believe her.  She later invited me to write a healthy eating/travel column for her clothing company’s online magazine, MCV Magazine.  Adding this to my repertoire, I’ve had to revisit my intentions for all the time and thought I spend writing and concluded that whether I’m paid or not, read or ignored, my intent is to keep writing what I see with a hope that someone will encounter new places through my prose and realize that we are all, in way or another, traversing a common journey.  More writing to come, insha’Allah (God willing).




5 thoughts on “A New Writing Venture: MCV Magazine

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  1. Masha’Allah sis.. you are a travel writer.. and every article I read I thank Allah that our paths have crossed. You inspire me through your writing, to achieve our goal of using travel and travel writing as a means of drawing attention to the world.. and particularly to the Muslims of the world.

    Please do keep writing and sharing your journeys with the world insha’Allah. .. Halal Getaway is also very grateful to you for allowing us to use your posts.

  2. So beautiful, may Allah continue to bless you ;)… your diet makeover MCVmag is wonderful… keep the writing we need as much positive in the world as possible. BarakAllah

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