Our First Trip to the Homeopath


When someone falls ill in the Raggamuslim household, we rely on whole, plant-based foods, essential oils, and herbal healing,  balanced with plenty of rest, sunshine, and prayer to pull us through.  But there was one ailment nagging at Lil’ Z that we couldn’t quite shake.  It started with an occasional itch, behind the knees and at the elbows and progressed to a mild case of eczema.  Nettle tea kept the itching at bay for a while, with the diligent application of shea butter and coconut oil for itch attacks.  Over time though, it seemed that the nettle was losing its effect and no longer helping.  I found myself making two rounds of nettle tea for Lil’ Z every day, vigilantly keeping her nails short, and policing her diet to remove the most irritating culprits:  oranges and wheat. Even with these foods removed, the eczema progressed to the point of making Lil’ Z’s itchiest skin patches coarse and leathery, with occasional scabs and bruises as well.  Something was at the root of the issue and we wanted  to get to the bottom of it.

In Dr. Neustaedter’s Child Health Guide:  Holistic Pediatrics for Parents, he mentions the great reputation homeopathy has in treating “chronic illnesses such as allergies, asthma, eczema, recurrent respiratory or ear infections, and behavior or attention problems”.  We knew little about the practice but knew of others who had successful experiences.  I asked for a recommended homeopath in Muscat and was referred to Ashling Lupton, a private homeopath operating out of Whispers of Serenity Clinic.  I called her cell phone and asked if she was available to treat my daughter.  Her lilting voice and Irish accent were endearing and I was eager to sit with her, mother-to-mother and sort things out.


Whispers of Serenity Clinic in Adhaiba/Azaiba faces the sea on a quite suburb-like road in an upper-class neighborhood.  The villas in the area are huge and uniquely designed with a seemingly comfortable mix of national and expat residents.  The redundant speed bumps keep the driving speed to a minimum and there’s a great beachside park nearby.  Upon entering, we were invited by the flowing water fountain, aromatherapy infusion, and warm pastel decor.  The clinic is uniquely distinct from any other facility we’ve reluctantly entered in Oman, cost included.  However, you do pay for what you get and the clinic was serene, therapeutic, and professional.


Mrs. Lupton came down to meet us and took us upstairs for our consultation.  Her warmth and friendly nature were comforting and after she brought out the toybox, Lil’ Z saw the consultation as one big playdate.  We sat and talked about the Lil’ Z’s eczema but I was unprepared for the questions that followed.  I offered information about Lil’ Z’s diet, supplements, and daily activities, while Mrs. Lupton inquired about her fears, personality, and the way she sleeps at night.  I didn’t see the correlation but I now understand the broad and detailed profile a homeopath needs to prescribe the most suitable remedy.  The strength in the remedy is its ability to accurately match the person being treated and the remedies are not one size (or type) fits all.

After our conversation consultation, Mrs. Lupton shared her assessment and painted a picture of what the healing process could look like.  The itching may move downward to her lower extremeties, return to its original presentation, or get worse before it gets better.  The latter was what I feared most and that’s exactly what happened.  The first two days of treatment were uneventful but the four following nights, Lil’ Z would wake up itching all over in the night and wouldn’t return to sleep until nearly an hour later.  By Day 5, we decided to add some peppermint and lavender oils to Lil’ Z’s bath for her to get some relief and for me to get some rest.  The following nights she slept sound, even without essential oils in her bath, and the itching that kept me scratching my head has dissipated to an afterthought.  Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), Lil’ Z’s eczema is no longer.  The scabs have healed, the leathery skin patches have returned to baby soft skin, and the frequent calls for shea butter have ceased.  We were certainly skeptical in the beginning but were committed to giving homeopathy a wholehearted try, and it did not let us down.  There was no placebo effect or mind-over-matter games to be had in our case.  Our homeopath advised us to let the healing show itself and that’s exactly what it did.

As many others have said, we’re not sure how homeopathy works but it does.  The little sucrose-sweetened pill remedies are so easy to take, Lil’ Z was often asking for more “re-ma-teez”.  The original active ingredient is so ridicuously diluted, that its ability to retain its effect is counterintuitive.  But, we’re a big proponent of “the proof is in the pudding” and are now believers.

With such a successful experience and a great homeopath as our resource, we are now adding homeopathy to our arsenal of healing and are looking forward to putting it to use.  We’ve ordered our first homeopathic kit and should be receiving it soon, along with a highly recommended book:  The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro.  The principle of encouraging the body’s self-healing is in line with our DIY style of health care (i.e. avoid doctors at all cost unless absolutely necessary) and we hope to have more success stories in the future to share.



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  1. We use no other methods of healing in our household. Truly Allah has surrounded us with countless healing resources. So happy to hear that Lil’ Z is feeling better and that you’re able to rest without concern. Many thanks for the booksuggestions there is so much to learn

    1. So true, Rashida! There are many issues, both chronic and accute, that can be addressed naturally. I hope others will consider exploring alternative medicine before succumbing to conventional practice.

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