Review: Coconut House Restaurant in Muscat


Steadily rising on our list of favorite cuisines is Zanzibari food.  Our very first taste was in Sohar over a year ago but we’ve found an authentic eatery in Muscat that we want to tell the world about.  A friend of ours brought us lunch from there and we were literally looking up flights to Zanzibar after sopping up the last bits of gravy with our chapatti bread.  The Spice Island has lots to share but the food alone is worth a visit, I’m sure.  Until then, we will happily join the flocks of Omanis who frequent this inexpensive little eatery in droves.


Where is it?

On the road from Markaz Bahja to Al Mouj, make a left at the Al Mouj roundabout, followed by another left at the following roundabout.  At that second roundabout, there’s an aptly positioned Zanzibari restaurant but don’t be dismayed, it’s not the Coconut House.  Less than a minute down the road, you’ll find Coconut House on your right hand side, directly across from the Al Seeb Vocational Training Center.  Parking is available out front, as well as across the street.

What to order?


The vegan options are hearty and plentiful.  Maharage is a dish of red beans basking in coconut milk.  Lubia is a dish of pigeon peas basking in coconut milk.  Mhogo is a dish of cassava basking in…you guessed it…coconut milk.  There are also side dishes of okra, spinach, and mashed cassava called ugali.  All of the above can be eaten with a choice of several rice options or chapatti bread.  To spice up your life, you can ask for red chili or green mango achar chutneys.


When to go?

I’m not sure what they’re operating hours are but the place is jumping for lunch starting from before 12 noon on a Thursday and immediately following Friday prayer services.  We certainly don’t mind returning to find out for all interested and we might as well stay for a meal, considering the drive and all.  😉


Update:  As per one of the employees, Coconut House Restaurant is open every day at 12 noon until 9 or 10pm.


8 thoughts on “Review: Coconut House Restaurant in Muscat

  1. So you found our hidden gem. Their food is so delicious, I can’t resist coming out with lunch , tea snack & dinner when ever I go there. Their chicken samosas and fish cutlets are so yummy. The mhogo ( kasava ) is to die for ,so creamy and tasety . For big orders I would highly recommend their beef pilao. For people with sweat tooth, you can enjoy their sweet bananas or pumpkin cooked with coconut milk and don’t miss out on their fresh juices. Their passion fruit juice is highly addictive. Going there is never disappointing. They need more staff to serve the growing number of their customers.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Arwa! Their fresh juices are amazing and I do hope they expand their restaurant in the near future. 🙂

  2. Please forgive me. I did not mean to offend you by recommending the non vegetarian options in coconut house. I just found out that you are vegetarian after posting my comment. Sorry again and enjoy your stay in Oman.

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