birthing revolution

Jamaica2011 078there’s a battle in the birthing room
a war on women
an assault on our agency
a moratorium on mothering

big business thieves are busy
forcing their forceps
scalpel-wielding scoundrels
electively cutting what is whole

vultures of vulnerability
silencing our groans
choosing to disempower and frighten
when we should be empowered and free

a birthing woman can be beastly
fierce in her femininity
courageous in her conviction
vicious in her vitality

she is saintly in her sacrifice
righteous in her rage
divine in her indignation
a champion for change

a woman should give birth
wherever she pleases
on a mountain, by the sea
in a bed, on her knees

a fearless delivery is safe
an empowered soul is cooperative
an informed intellect is intelligent
our wombs are rewriting history

we are birthing our future
we are delivering revolution
we are nursing change
and nurturing our salvation

pivotal is the place we stand
sacred is the struggle we wage
an end is in its beginning
and it’s time to start anew

Jamaica2011 065


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