Buffet: The best thing to happen to Ethiopian food!

We’ve mention our love affair with Ethiopian food before because really, what’s not to love about it?  Delicious, spongy injera sopping up sumptous stews and sauces.  Delectable at a distance, we often wonder how much better Ethiopian food will be when we taste it on location.  Then we start to imagine ourselves finally visiting Habasha (Ethiopia) and our satiated tummies start to flutter.

Tampa’s local paper displayed an ad for an Ethiopian restaurant which was news to us!  Then, when we read that there’s a buffet, we all but flew to downtown Tampa to try it.  The buffet offered six (yes, folks, six!) vegan entries with unlimited injera.

The food was pretty good, especially considering that it was a buffet.  Kudos to Queen of Sheba for showing the vegans lots of Habashi (Ethiopian) love!


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