the seamless seamstress

the seamless seamstress does more than it seems.

she weaves her heart into the garments she seams.

from hand-picking fabrics, like flowers in bloom

to selecting the choicest threads fit for her loom.

sorting through buttons that suit her delight,

complementing color scheme and function just right.

after basing the “frock”, she primes her machine

in the quiet hours when her attention is keen.

while dreamers dream, our seamstress seams;

wrapping us in prayer like spools in her ream.

prayers for a blushing bride in the gown she adorns;

prayers for a pregnant mother, expecting a baby to be born;

prayers for great granddaughters who whirl in their dresses;

prayers for the sons and grandsons that she blesses.

a tapestry of love in borders and hems,

each garment you’ve sewn, your touch has blessed them.

while loved ones may mourn or fear your transition,

we wear your loving legacy, and this was your mission;

to share something dear for all in your care

and blessing our lives by just being here.

so, to the seamless seamstress:

God has certainly blessed your living!

thank you for modeling a faithful life of giving!


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