Raggamuslims’ Travel Memoirs 2008-2011

From the time we started this blog way back in 2008, we intended to use this medium as a way of documenting our travels, reflections, and life experiences.  Fast forward three plus years and we were still relying on this blog as our journal- not good ole’ fashioned paper and pen but a digital web log with our pictures and documents stored in some unknown location in cyber-ville.  So, we finally decided to archive this work- not all of it (yet) but the most significant posts (to us) minus the recipes and restaurant reviews.  The compilation includes our travel stories, reflections, poetry, and a generous helping of all things related to Lil’ Z!  😀

If like us, staring at digital screens leaves you visually and mentally taxed, here’s a lovely little blog book that can serve as your companion while riding the bus, a gift to a travel-loving friend, or a nice addition to your coffee table book selection.  It’s condensed, revised, and edited for your reading pleasure.  We hope you like it!


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