Greenfist Award 2011: Best Vegan Flight Meal

Long time ago, in a land far away, passengers were actually fed during their flights.  A choice of at least two hot meal options, a full 12-ounce can of juice or soda, AND roasted peanuts were the norm.  I can attest to this!  Growing up, my brother and I flew between Florida and New York every summer and every other winter break.   Now, you’re lucky if you can get a free bag of peanuts on a three-hour flight!  And, don’t forget the budget airlines who charge for water (like Air Asia!).

I’ve always loved flight meals- it’s definitely the peak of my flying experience!  The mystery of the meal, the dessert, and single serving packages tucked in your compact tray.  Fortunately, meals are still served on international flights and I completely relived my childhood delight!  Thankfully, we’re no longer relegated to beef or chicken!  We ALWAYS pre-order vegan meals and they are all so varied and different.  Usually a “VEG MEAL” is also vegan.  There’s also an “ASIAN VEG MEAL”, which is Indian food.  It’s always vegetarian but not always vegan.  These days, they also have “JAIN”, “RAW”, “FRUITARIAN”, and other meal options- all you have to do is pre-order!

Well, here are the candidates for this year’s Greenfist Award 2011:  Best Vegan Flight Meal.

Etihad Airways: Muscat to New York: Green Beans with Chick Peas, Saffron Rice, Indian Veggie Stew
Etihad Airways: Muscat to New York: Roasted Potato Wedges and Tomatoes


Etihad Airways: Muscat to New York: Green Tea and Peach Crumble


Air Maroc: New York to Casablanca: Roasted Vegetables over Lettuce


Air Maroc: New York to Casablanca: Stir-Fried Tofu with Basmati Rice


Air Maroc:Casablanca to Dakar: Steamed Vegetables and Potatoes

There were a few other meals on our return to Muscat but I left my camera in New York-  oops! 

So, of the meals displayed above, this year’s Raggamuslim Greenfist Award goes to….

Air Maroc for reppin’ the tofu!  As you can see, some meals are vegan but not very rich in protein.  Air Maroc get’s the green fist because Moroccans rock so hard, that they’re not afraid to put Asia’s finest culinary export on the menu!  Thanks Air Maroc!  Keep up the good work and take it easy on the French rolls!  😉

Honorable Mention goes to Etihad Airways for offering a hot dessert with green tea.  It was comforting to complete your meal and then have a flight attendant come around on a second tour to ask “Would you like some dessert and tea?”, as if I were a guest in her home!  So sweet!  The peach crumble tasted vegan to me. I wasn’t 100% sure but it was 100% good!


2 thoughts on “Greenfist Award 2011: Best Vegan Flight Meal

  1. Are you sure you got your hubs right? Etihad doesn’t fly from Muscat to New York, its hub is Abu Dhabi. Unless you mean connections.

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