Salalah in September

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Ok, folks, pop quiz!  By a show of hands, who knows where Salalah is?…Anyone? 

After the Eid holiday rush, we made a mad dash for a belated Eid gift trip.  A gift trip?  Does that mean you take a trip to buy gifts?  No, the trip is the gift.  Truth be told, Urbndervish and I are not big “gift givers”, in the sense of bought items wrapped in recyclable packaging.  Every once in a while, we find a gift that we think the other would enjoy and find useful and chalk it up as a “this is for the last few Eids and the coming Eid/anniverary/congratulations/thinking of you” gift.  We vowed to get into this “gifting” business more seriously as Lil’ Z gets older and grasps what festivity means.  But, as Urbndervish and I concluded, we don’t do gift-giving, we do gift-living.  Travel is really our one and only indulgence, if you will.  We might eat out at a modest restaurant, once or twice a month, at most.  We buy new clothes or shoes on an “as needed” basis.  Our favorite outings are free (parks, long walks, etc.).  We can happily eat a homecooked meal of “beans and greens” every night and live simply but…we love to travel!  We’ve never had much of a travel budget but now that there are a few coins to clank in the veggie bank, we’re taking advantage of the opportunity!  We’re in a great region for travel and we want to exhaust it while we’re here.  Even when we do travel, there are a few basic principles that we always strive to preserve:

  • Make a praiseworthy intention for our travel
  • Connect with others
  • Seek out places of religious and cultural significance
  • Explore and appreciate the natural beauty of where we visit and minimize our environmental impact therein
  • Observe the “feel” of our destination, the people, the culture, and overall vibe

So, where is Salalah?  In the far south of Oman, in the Dhofar region, you can find a little oasis, a little slice of Caribbean delight, right here in Arabia!  So, if your itching for some greenery or the desert life is taking its toll, hop on down to Salalah where you can visit the reported grave of Prophet Ayyub (Job), peace be upon him; take a walk on the beach; hike amidst rolling green mountains; get frankincense straight from the source; enjoy waterfalls; and sip coconut water while watching a camel go by!  😉


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