Blog Feedback and Reorientation

Hey, Party People!  You notice any new changes around here?!?!?  😉  Yes, after three years, we thought that maybe it was time to change the home page image and make the blog more user-friendly.  We’ve asked some of our readers for feedback and used it as an opportunity to re-evaluate what we’ve been doing with the site and how we can improve it. The process of organizing our posts over the years was a pleasant, humbling stroll down memory lane.  So, for the brave souls who’ve been with us since the beginning, thank you!  For the new souls joining the journey, welcome! 

We know our blog is not the best or the brightest.  Sometimes, we’ll consider importing ideas from other blogs but often find that we have to revisit our core intention, which is to be true to ourselves in sharing this journey that we’re on.  Don’t get me wrong!  You all, our readers, deserve more but until we get to that place, we’ll just keep on doing our best.  Fair enough?  Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God!).

Here’s a little re-navigation tour, in case you got lost!  😉

There are several new pages at the top of the header image and on the menu to your right.

Our Journey:  On this page you’ll find a list of posts categorized as:  Baby and Birth, Life in Oman, Life in Algeria, Hajj Pilgrimage, Life in Yemen, and In the Western Hemisphere.

Poetry:  Self-explanatory, right?

Recipes:  We’ve finally organized our recipes on a single page for those of you who want to get straight to the cookin’ and eatin’!

The Lifestyle:  Here the posts are organized by particular themes:  Plant-based Diet, Voluntary Simplicity, and Eco-Social Consciousness

Also, don’t forget that you can subscribe to the blog to be notified of new posts via email.

And, The School of Natural Healing advertisement to your right is for your benefit.  If you decide to take there introductory course in Family Herbalism, please click on the logo advertisement and you’ll receive a discounted cost. 

Feel free to give us more feedback in the comments.

The ones who love you,

the raggamuslims


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