Lighten Your Load

In the last three months, since Lil’ Z’s arrival, we’ve developed an intimate relationship with our washing machine.  We know her ways and cycles and rely on her to get us through this cloth diapering phase of our parenting lives.  However, we can’t help but cringe when we hear that fresh water pouring into her, slushing around, draining and refilling.  If we had a cool rainwater catchment system, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad but here in the desert where we know that fresh potable water runs through our apartment building’s pipes, you begin to start feeling a bit guilty.  Of course, filling landfills with disposable diapers are certainly not the answer, so what do you do?

Well, we’ve come to realize that we really don’t need that second rinse cycle, so we’ve been skipping it and haven’t noticed any noticeable differences yet.  We’ve also been collecting our shower water in a bucket to use for our wash cycle.  Not nearly as cumbersome as I thought.  Just let the bucket catch what it may and empty the bucket in the washing machine before starting the laundry.  We also collect handwashing water in a small bowl to fill the diaper bucket.  Please note- If you have small, mobile children, leaving buckets of water around the house is a drowning hazard, so empty your buckets or secure them appropriately!

As for “greening your load”, we told you about adding vinegar in a previous post.  You can also skip the bleach by letting your laundry bask in sunny bliss!  The sun has whitened Lil’ Z’s colourful nappies and clothes with ease!

If you have any other load lightening tips to share, feel free to do so in the comments.  Every little step makes a difference!


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