a beautiful reminder

Lil' Z (6 weeks old)

what a beautiful reminder you are!

your presence makes the passing of time so evident

your purity makes the need to improve so relevant

in your eyes, the future is reflected, so near

my faults, so clear

i see how far i’ve come

and how much further i’ve yet to go

how much further i’ve yet to grow

your every gesture is a sign of God

your yawn is pure grace

your smile, forgiveness

your breath, mercy

i breathe it in deeply

your inhalation is my inspiration

you’re my muse and my motive

my charge and my change

what will become of you in this delicious and difficult world?

this circus of life

i feared having you

knowing how vulnerable this love would make me

how any harm meeting you would break me

you are my heart

from my chest to my breast

some day you will drift

and i may not be able to catch you

you i hold so dear

with you, my prayers are made so sincere

theory meets practice

and planning meets action

i want to be all things beautiful, right, and true for you

but my shortcomings are more than a few

what in the world is a mother to do?

other than entrust you to care of The Divine

contemplate that you are not wholly mine

attach you to The Truth, unchanging with time

work and pray for the blessing of The Sublime


2 thoughts on “a beautiful reminder

  1. BEAUTIFUL piece…and a belated congrats…I pray that you are doing well and are enjoying every moment 🙂 it is special I tell you and such a blessing. Take care xoxoxoo to the little one (she is BEAUTIFUL, mashaAllah)


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