Peanut Jab

This delicious drink was inspired by my days of working at the Ital Health Food Store last year. It’s a loose adaptation of the traditional Roots Jamaican Drink, affectionately known as Peanut Punch which bears similarity to its parent drink, Irish Moss.  There are many variations in making Irish Moss, as well as its derivatives.  Some make it with dairy milk and serve it hot.  Some serve it cold with other added ingredients.  This drink doesn’t have the potency of a true Peanut Punch, but it tastes good and the ingredients are easier to find.  When my desire to sleep overrides my desire to eat, this is a protein-rich, filling drink I can make quickly to ensure that the little princess has nourishment to last her until I get around to cooking.


1 banana

2 tbsp. of natural peanut butter

1 cup of non-dairy milk (I’ve been using Edensoy Extra Soymilk)

1-2 tbsp. of ground flax seeds a.k.a. linseed (depending on how much Omega fats you need in your life)

1 tbsp. of whole oats

1 tbsp. of wheat germ

1 tbsp. of honey or half a handful of dried dates to sweeten


  1.  Put everything in the blender
  2. Blend until smooth
  3. If you decide to sweeten your drink with dates for an extra iron and vitamin boost, try soaking them in water.  They are easier to blend once they’ve been soaked.  Another option is to cut your dates into small pieces.  DON’T FORGET TO REMOVE THE PITS!

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a very hearty, fiber-rich drink.  If you’re not used to high-fiber eating, you may want to omit the oats and wheat germ as a start to see how your body responds because high-fiber eating can be hard on the inexperienced digestive system.  If you find that you have a stomachache after receiving the “Peanut Jab”, drink a lot of water, stay close to a bathroom, and embrace the cleansing!   😉


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    1. wa eyyakum! it’s really a great way to grab something nutritious and delicious when time is short. we might be posting another smoothie that has been the regular in our home these days. let us know if you’re brave enough to try it. a word of caution…it’s green! (gasp)

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