The Making of a Tasty Salad

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For whatever reason, my family has been really raving over my salads.  I’m flattered…truly.  They’re not very complicated.  I just try to follow the golden rule:  “cook for others, as you would want others to cook for you“.  All salads need good ingredients, enough preparation time, and the will to make it taste good!

Maybe these tips will aid you in your salad-making.

1.  Don’t waste your time messin’ with Iceberg lettuce.  If you’re willing to go through the effort of making a salad, then make it potent- filled with nutrients and vitamins that will nourish you.  I like to use spinach as a salad base because it’s really good for you and most people wouldn’t eat spinach under normal circumstances, unless the Popeye propaganda worked on them.  Spring salad mixes are nice too but can be pricey.   As a rule of thumb:  the greener, the better.  If you’re feeling bold and want to use kale or chard, you might want to pre-marinate your greens because the taste can be a bit…coarse for most first-time kale/chard eaters.

2.  Lots of shredded carrots.  Most people really enjoy carrot, so do it up!

3.  Chop the more controversial veggies very small.  Not everyone likes the taste of cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, red onions, bell peppers, etc.  For those veggies, take the time to dice or slice them very small.  Once it’s all mixed in, eaters may not even notice what veggies you’re feeding them.

4.  Get creative.  I remember the first time I had salad with sliced almonds and cranberries, my world was officially rocked.  The combination is so good and, again, good for you.  For brave eaters, you can add whole almonds.  Raisins are also a good addition and add a hint of sweetness to your salad.  I try not to add a sweet dressing to my salads if they already have some raisins or cranberries in them.

5.  Make it look good.  Hesitant salad eaters will be more inclined to eat something beautiful and attractive.  I prepared the salad pictured above for my mother-in-law’s birthday dinner.  She loves a colourful plate, so I added some shredded vegan cheddar cheese to give the salad a healthy dose of yellow.

6.  The salad is not an accessory, so put in the effort.  Don’t think of your salad as an addition to your meal, but see it as part and parcel.  Put as much love and concern in planning it, as you would your entree or dessert.  Value the salad and its place on your plate.

7.  Mind your dressing.  Don’t unravel the benefits of a healthy salad by drenching it in soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup, and EDTA.  Try to transition to a vinaigrette dressing or, even better, make your own.

This may seem like alot of effort and planning for a simple salad but the benefits are tasty, nourishing, and satisfying.  If you honor it, it will honor you.  Enjoy!


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