Roasted Potato Medley

008Well, I’m not sure if you need at least three “actors” to make a medley, but my Mom insisted that I name this dish and make it look pretty.  Tall order, I know.  Fret not, we’ve been graced by her culinary aesthetic touch, so behold the masterpiece posted above.

Roasting potatoes is pretty easy to me but I’ve been told that not everyone does it well.  Stumbling across many lonely sweet potatoes at my mom’s house, I thought that it was time to make sweet potato fries.  It was such a hit, that we’ve made this dish almost every night until the sweet potatoes were no more.  By the end, I had to supplement with regular potatoes, giving the birth to the medley that follows.


1 medium sweet potato

2 medium potatoes

Cooking oil


White or black pepper



1.  Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

2.  Wash potatoes, cut out unsighly parts, and dice into wedges.  I don’t remove all of the skin

3.  Generously sprinkle vegetable oil on a large roasting pan

4.  Add potatoes and all seasonings except the salt to the pan

5.  Use a large spatula, tongs, or your hands to toss the potatoes until coated by the oil and spices

6.  Your oven should be good and hot by now or at least getting there.  Place your filled pan in the oven

7.  Let it roast for a good 20 minutes before checking on the potatoes.  At that point, you may need to toss the potatoes around a bit.  Be gentle- the sweet potatoes get really soft and can fall apart

8. Roast for another 10 minutes.  Sprinkle a light sprinkling of salt and toss the potatoes once more

9.  Enjoy and embellish as you see fit.  With plain potatoes, I like to add rosemary and garlic.  Whatever potato you use, don’t overseason them.  Potatoes have a great flavor when roasted and a little bit of salt goes a long way



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