Softer than Silence (An Ode to Zahra)


I see in her eyes the wisdom of age and the vigor of youth.

Although her advices are sometimes dismissed as “young girl’s fancies.” 

She possesses a light that can dwarf a thousand suns.

Although she is rarely appreciated as a niche.

How can such a being be contained by the four walls of this Earth?

Although the extent of her warm grasp and love is an ocean in a styrofoam cup.

Her speech exudes the authority of a potentate and the gentleness of a petal in spring.

Although her heartfelt advice sometimes falls upon deaf ears and hearts.

She is a throbbing, glowing, warm ball of light felt by all that encounters her.

Although their hearts are colder than the depths of unforgiving darkness.

She is a gift to this world, unfettered by the vicissitudes of time and unshackled by the boundaries of words.


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