Looking Back

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Yesterday was my earth/birthday.  If I can recall correctly, I haven’t been “home” on the anniversary of my birth for the last ten years.  So to see my family’s efforts to hide gifts and write cards behind closed doors was really cute.  We went out for brunch at one wicked Jamaican restaurant in Queens.  I have to “big up” this restaurant because they really take care of the vegans.  Some restaurants will give you an assortment of veggies with rice  and peas and fried plantains but The Door goes a huge step further.  They sell, not one, but two tofu dishes on their dine-in menu and for their take-out menu they occasionally feature other veganized Jamaican favorites.  To my knowledge, there are no vegan desserts on the menu but the rest definitely compensates for that deficiency.

At the restaurant, I was surprised to see the birthday balloons and to hear the servers singing “Happy Birthday” (Stevie Wonders style, of course) behind me.  They even brought me a slice of carrot cake with a candle in it.  It was a different way to spend the day but it was fun.  It was simple and sweet and shared with just a handful of loved ones. 

Looking back at the last ten years of life, I feel very blessed.  My life is nothing like I thought it would and could be and I am so very grateful for that.  My life is much richer and more fulfilling than I planned for it to be ten years ago, when I knew everything.  I have found the best of what can be found in this fleeting life- truth, peace, love, hope, joy, and contentment and this is much more than many three times my age have found in this life.  I feel blessed and I am blessed.  I am humbled such God’s generosity and hopeful for what is to come. 

Praying that you and yours find the best of what can be found in this life too!




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    1. What up Ging? Yeah, we miss you guys too! How’s life in Seattle? We keep daydreaming about our West Coast tour. One day…we hope…one day. We’re looking forward to a ten dollar typewriter reunion. 😉

  1. Salam both,

    Hope you’re doing great…

    InshAlla all is well with you 🙂 I kind of lost track of where you are and just decided to stop by and say salam… and of course, I realized that there’s lots of adventures to catchup with 😉 It’s either that you two have been active recently or that I haven’t checked your blog for a while 😉
    I hope your Ramadan went very well and that your study is well too, fataha Allah lakuma 🙂
    As for me, the usual I guess! I just need a little bit of dua’s as I’ve been struggling with study and work recently!! InshAlla it’ll be over soon… I hope…

    Take care both, fe aman Allah,

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