Pumpkin Rice

Pumpkin Rice


People often ask us about what we cook and eat. They are often curious as to what a meal without meat consists of and how we would describe our cuisine. Is it “American” or Jamaican? I try to explain that our cuisine is a fusion of veganized Jamaican, Indian, and Arab cuisine. If tofu is available, you can add Southeast Asian to our fusion list too. I guess those, for now, are the major cuisines that have dominated our palate. We attempt to cook meals that are healthy (enough), tasty, and practical from all of these influences and the constraints of our budget. God willing, our paths will lead us to a place that has been beckoning us for a very long time…Ethiopia! When that happens, I plan to reside in the kitchen of Habashi (Ethiopian) auntie that can break me off on how to cook our favorite dishes and make injera! Back to the recipe. This recipe is a prime example of our “fusion” cooking. My mom used to make pumpkin rice and when I found that we had rice and lots of pumpkin to consume, I decided to give it a try.

1 cup rice
1 cup shredded pumpkin
¼ cup sliced red onions
3-5 cloves
3-5 cardamom seeds
A small piece of cinnamon stick
Cooking oil
1. Sauté sliced onions until brown
2. Stir in cloves, cardomon, and cinnamon
3. Add sautéed rice and pumpkin
4. Add 2 cups of water and bring to a boil
5. When boiling, cover pot and simmer at low heat. You can add a pinch of salt, if you desire, to the rice while it’s boiling. Enjoy!
P.S.- If you want to add “fusion” points to this dish, you can stir in a handful of raisins and cover the pot. The steam in the pot will soften the raisins.


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  1. As Salaamu Alaikum My dearest Sister & Brother,

    I have enjoyed your blog and wish you “Hajj Mubruk”. Imad has put down his rent payment for Yemen and plans along with Dennatay to arrive sometime in June, Inshallah.

    We have reservations for 2 weeks in Medina to take Nurideen for Umrah and plan to viisit yemen from there, Inshallah.

    May Allah cont to shower you with his blessings and please ask everyone you meet to pray for me and my family.

    wa salaam
    your sister, rashida

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