From the Holy Land…

Greetings all from the blessed city of Mecca!

we’ve arrived…the weather is warm and humid…the spirits are high…the feeling is great.  we are in awe and breathtaken for now. 

blessings to you all,



5 thoughts on “From the Holy Land…

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  1. Salam alaykum both,

    I’m so glad to hear that you made it there… may Allah accept your worship and grant you Heaven in the highest levels 🙂
    I just dropped Ulku (I dont know if you know her) at the bus stop today, she’s going to Turkey, and from there to Hajj inshAlla

    I was reading now about Hajj and its spiritual meanings and value… I’m really glad that you’re going to make it… please remember us in your dua’a, ask for Allah’s forgiveness for us…

    I dont know what else to say… inshAlla I’ll wait to hear what you’ll say after you come back… may Allah bless you both


  2. Salaams Ukhti and Akqi!!! Allah is so wonderful!!!!! What a true blessing to be where you are at this very moment alhamdulillah. May Allah ta A’la bless you both with a safe,healthy,spiritual and heart changing HAJJ, AMEEN AMEEN AMEEN! As I sit here writing to you the tears are streaming down for you both as to how your hearts must feel at this moment masha Allah. Keep the Ummah in your du’as and please ask Allah ta A’la to forgive us all and unify our hearts, AMEEN! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!! Love to you! Hayyak Allah

  3. as salaamu alaikum. may Allah reward and bless you both. please make dua for the women in the congo and all other vicitms of sexual assault. i know the air that you are breathing sure must feel good!

  4. Pigeonpeanuts- nice to hear from you! what are you up to?

    Maha- wa alaykum as salaam. you as well- ameen!

    Aminah- wa alaykum as salaam. you as well- ameen. hope to see you soon. 😉

    Muslimahlocs-wa alaykum as salaam. you as well- ameen. i tried to make some of those large, all-encompassing prayers- just to try to cover all bases.

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